Amanda Mueller
Program Coordinator

Welcome to the Student Support Program website. The Student Support Program is an opportunity for students to continue their academic progress during times of transition, long-term suspensions, or expulsions in a smaller, more structured environment. Our program’s mission is to empower students to make positive choices both academically and behaviorally. We serve students in 6th through 12th grade in separate educational settings that are divided into a middle school setting and a high school setting. The Student Support Program strives to create a safe and predictable environment for all students through explicitly teaching consistent norms and expectations. We utilize restorative practices and Multi-Tiered Systems of Support for Behavior (MTSS-B) when working with students to help promote positive behavior, attendance, and academic growth.

The Student Support Program partners with parents, guardians, outside supports, and schools in which the students are referred from in order to facilitate an effective transition for students. An intake meeting is held as part of the initial enrollment process at the program to communicate details of the program as well as norms and expectations for students.